Welcome to anyone who is seeking to make the right choices,
for themselves or for their environment.
With the MeoTempo life agenda,
take part in humanistic projects
or initiate a project that means a lot to you. The Aranatha institute is a non-profit.

 “Take more time, and less space on earth.” 
– Thomas Merton

See how MeoTempo helps us realize this project.

MeoTempo life agenda is meant to contribute
to the collective effort to save our planet.

A balanced lifestyle

mindfulness-based time management
– Aranatha Institute –

... because time is precious

The right tools and the right state of mind

... to make better choices

MeoTempo life agenda

Mindfulness-based time management

Members of the Aranatha Institute
want to change the world

A nonprofit organization
  • Saving
    the planet

    through mindfulness-based time and resources management

    Informatics and environmental degradation have deeply affected our world of today. The tremendous global challenges that face us require new skills.

    By getting organized to save the planet means to provide as many people as possible with the proper tools to empower them over their destiny and their choices..

    Being free means mastering one’s time and resources. It means facing our fears with courage, and using one’s time for what really matters.

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  • Combine meditation

    and technology practices

    We are in the process of developing centers dedicated to teaching mindfulness-based meditation and technology practices.

    In order to achieve an optimal use of their time, active people who have a demanding lifestyle must involve all the dimensions of their lives. Intellectual knowledge alone is no longer sufficient.

    An inclusive approach has become necessary.

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  • Dedicated

    for mindfulness-based time management

    We wish to provide humanity with hubs dedicated to mindfulness-based time management on a worldwide scale… by starting locally.

    Québec City is ideally positioned to become a center of excellence in mindfulness-based time management. The size and the economic energy of Québec City bring out the importance of both a work-family balance and a balanced lifestyle altogether.

    The Aranatha Institute intends to become a major stakeholder in mindfulness-based time-management technology.

Time is precious

As with any other disease, cancer raises our awareness that human experience has an end.
This awareness is what gives life its whole value, and makes us realize how time is precious.

oncoYoga is among our teachings in terms of good practice.