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    • Conscious Time Management


      Mindfulness-Based Technology

      If one of your concerns is to make the right decisions and use your time for what matters to you, then this workshop will come in handy.

      It's a short, hands-on mindfulness experience that takes you straight to the point, raising your awareness on your time use. Seated on your yoga mat*, you will be brought into a state of deep relaxation to clear the path; this will allow you to explore your own mind. This approach addresses every dimension of your life.

      Through this exercise, you will be led into observing your behaviors from a new perspective that could well be the turning point shifting your life in a direction of your choice.

      In order to effectively embody your new shift, you will be introduced to MeoTempo, a life agenda that is also a tool designed to help you make the right decisions on a daily basis.

      With the right tool and the right state of mind, you will gain liberty. It's never too late to be yourself!

      * No yoga experience necessary... just bring a yoga mat!
         (Yoga mats may be purchased on premises.)

      Eastern traditions have a lot to teach us about mind science. In Western culture, performance-related abilities are what makes one stand out. I feel that the first approach revolves around humanist fundaments, whereas the latter focuses on the means. As a matter of fact, both cultures mutually benefit from coexisting. I am willing to bet on the auspiciousness of a technology and social sciences medley. This is what I wish to achieve by appending these lines to MeoTempo, a mindfulness-based time management app. The world we live in is so complex that it may sometimes be disconcerting. However it is fully packed with incredible opportunities as well. The two go hand in hand. Are you aware of your actual power to make choices that impact your life? This applies not only to the launch of your career, but also throughout your life, with a constantly extending lifespan. The fact that we have this much power to create our future is a new reality to humanity. So why not take advantage of it? And as for you, how do you apprehend your time, that time you have left?