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T4U001 Sandra (Le Germain Québec), Christine Alt Brossard > Louis, Louis-Marie > Christine > Iqaluit et Pond Inlet
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T4U002 Sandra (Le Germain Québec) > Louis > Louis-Marie > Pricille > Patrick > Canadian North > Amana (Women’s shelter in Iqaluit)

T4U003 Sandra (Le Germain Québec) > Louis > Marie-Michèle (Grand Village Lévis)

T4U004 Manon et Laurie (Alt Québec) > Nicole (Lucioles)

T4U005 Sandra (Le Germain Québec) > Louis > Nicole (Lucioles)
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We humans have plenty of projects and dreams. Opportunities are constantly increasing, but the world we live in is also increasingly complex. That’s why we need to make choices and get organized to succeed.

Through this very practical project of retrieving towels, I wish to demonstrate how, despite a very busy schedule, we can drag a few events into our timetable. It’s a small gesture. But our small gestures, in the end, are what truly impacts.

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